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Groo the Wanderer: 10 years later!

October 23, 2016 - Collectibles
Groo the Wanderer: 10 years later!
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“Did I err?”

Who knows who Sergio Aragones is?   sergioMany people I suspect…

 You probably know him from Mad magazine but if you don’t,
it doesn’t matter as I am here to talk about his masterpiece that is called…

Groo the Wanderer!



Groo the Wanderer

Just in case you never had the pleasure of reading his work, Groo is a dumb-witted barbarian who kills, eats and then kills some more as he meanders around the world. When I first read this comic, I fell in love with the character who is simple but unknowingly clever and really funny!

Sergio created Groo with Mark Evanier back in the late 1970’s but it never saw print until 1982 due to the fact that no one he tried publish with would allow him to retain the copyright.  I can’t say I blame him for wanting to maintain control and just count us all fortunate that it did finally make it to the store shelves.  Groo jumped around several publishers over the years, starting with Pacific comics who printed the first issue in 1982.  After only eight comics being released, Eclipse took the reigns releasing a special issue of Groo with several unreleased stories bundled together to fill the void.


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Volume II was started by Marvel/Epic comics who really pushed the series into the public eye and I will admit that it was at this time that I jumped on the band wagon and started my collection.  Groo’s reign was strong and Sergio produced 120 issues and two graphic novels that spanned a ten year run before ending his time with Marvel/Epic comics.  In 1994, Groo moved onwards to Image Comics where Volume III, consisting of another 12 issues, was delivered to the fans before his tales of greatness moved to his current publisher.

Marvel/Epic prints GrooFrom 1998 to present year, Dark Horse has returned Groo to us in many mini-series and special edition graphic novels including great works such as the “25th Anniversary Special”, “Groo vs. Conan” and the most recent issue, “GROO: FRAY OF THE GODS”.

For those who know Groo, I know you already love Groo but if, by chance, you have stumbled to this article without the fulfillment of reading these fun comics, it should now be on your bucket list to do so.  I appreciate Mr. Aragones and all his artistic creations but I hold Groo dear in my heart and thank him for this wanderer and would recommend this collection to any serious collector to add to their comic portfolio!


 ”Groo does what Groo does best!”

 ”Get your Groo here!”




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