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A Drug called Zombie

July 18, 2017 - Horror
A Drug called Zombie
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by Claude Poulin

We’ve all seen the movies where the dead, for whatever reason, come “back” to life and walk the earth with the basic survival instinct of eat, eat and eat. And we, the living are pretty much on the menu.
This culture has evolved up to the point where inventive individuals have capitalized on “Apocalypse prepping” or “Zombie survival”, to the point where shot guns are being sold under the nomenclature of “Zombie stoppers”, or whatever title they may invent to sell them.

The reality is, once you are dead – you are dead. It is medically and scientifically impossible for the human body to reanimate especially after all fluids have been drained and organs removed. I would however suggest that, if there is a “Zombie type apocalypse”, it would happen in a drug induced state.

Zombie drug

Imagine a new and popular drug hits the street and seems to have no side effects except a bad case of the munchies. That isn’t particularly new and not really a problem until, over time, the drug has built up in your system. Then it puts you into an irreversible state of feeling that you are always starving. It constantly triggers your hunger response by overproducing ghrelin and flooding your blood stream. At first, crime sprees sky rocket and people start devouring all the food around but then the next level of intoxication hits demanding immediate satisfaction whereas for the most part, humans are the closest meat. We, the sober, are all disgusted hearing the news reports of some having their face chewed off before police gunned the attacker down. Can you even imagine that? What would the headlines say?

Miami’s ‘growling cannibal’ named as Rudy Eugene, 31


Rudy Eugene, 31, reportedly growled at a police officer after he was warned to back away.
A witness said the aggressor continued to eat the victim, before the officer opened fire several times, killing him. The attack next to a busy road on Saturday afternoon has been linked to a potent drug known as “bath salts”. About 75% of the victim’s face was reportedly missing…
Cyclist Larry Vega said there was “blood all over the place” when he came across the horrific scene by MacArthur Causeway.
“I told him get off,”Mr. Vega told WSVN Fox 7. ‘The guy just kept eating the other guy away like ripping his skin.’
He said he alerted a police officer, who warned the attacker several times to back away from the victim.
‘The guy just stood his head up like that with a piece of flesh in his mouth and growled,’ Mr Vega said.

Oh wait! That was already written in an article by the BBC. This happened in Miami back in 2012. Maybe I am not really that far off!

So, this being said, enjoy the movies and shows such as The Walking Dead and Z Nation – have fun with the “Zombie” culture, (ie Zombie walks, Halloween costumes and the entire thirst for all that is Zombie) but take a moment and think about whether you would survive. Beware the future, there is only so much protection that can be afforded to us. We must remain vigilant, observant, train and prepare for the worse and report any anomalies that you see.

I would rather be wrong than dead.

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