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Classic Arcade Games Make a Comeback

September 6, 2017 - Game On
Classic Arcade Games Make a Comeback
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by Rob Gravelle

September 10, 2017

Classic Arcade Games Make a Comeback!


I love telling kids how in my day, we had to go to the arcade to play video games. Not only that, we had to pay a quarter for each and every game! It’s no wonder that we fought so hard for each and every life. You couldn’t just continue from where you left off. We’ll, sometimes you could, but that would cost you another quarter. After some practice, we got good enough at our favorite games that we could literally play for hours on one quarter. Ah, those were the days! In fact, the period where 8 bit video games ruled the Earth are now lovingly known as the golden age of video arcade games by enthusiasts. Sadly, arcades eventually gave way to home consoles like Atari and Colecovision. Now, in 2017, retro games like Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Mortal Kombat have made a comeback, and it’s glorious!

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So why now?

For starters, home consoles could never capture the feel of those big buttons and joysticks. Classic games also come with amazing looking cabinets with artwork that grabs your attention and make you feel like you’re almost a part of the game. But, more importantly, those old games have an inherent awesomeness that newer titles, no matter how realistic, just can’t beat. Maybe video games weren’t meant to capture reality. There is something so satisfying about steering Pac-Man around the maze and eating those pellets. There’s nothing real about him; he looks like a pie chart eating donut holes. It’s sheer madness really, addictive madness. It was a social phenomenon from its original release in October 1980 and has gone on to be a cultural phenomenon. Did you know that there was even a hit single inspired by the game called “Pac-Man Fever”? It was a pretty catchy song although I personally preferred “Ode to a Centepede” myself.

A great game called Joust!


Then vs. Now

Today, you’ll find a lot of the classic games of old in establishments called “barcades”. These are not unlike the arcades of my youth, but with a liquor license. That’s so they can cater to nostalgic gamers like me who are well above the legal drinking age. Sure, holding a beer in one hand while playing Pac-Man is not quite like the old days – it’s better! For those of you who don’t drink, there are plenty of coffee houses who are also packing a lot of great old games. Some even eschew video games completely in favor of pinball machines.

In the four billion years that the Earth has existed, how lucky are we to have lived during the glory days of arcade games? Click to Tweet.


How long this resurgence will last is anybody’s guess, but I plan to enjoy it while it lasts. All I can think of is, in the four billion years that the Earth has existed, how lucky are we to have lived during the glory days of arcade games? Pretty lucky if you ask me.

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I remember those glory days! How frustrating and expensive it was to work your skills up to be able to play for an hour on one quarter though! Thanks for the memories!!

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