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Blade Runner 2049

August 27, 2017 - Sci-fi
Blade Runner 2049
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by Robert Nicholls

October 6, 2017



Captain\s Blog: Blade Runner 2049

A personal favorite of mine, Blade Runner is a classic of all times and I am very excited to see a sequel coming out this year!  Director, Denis Villeneuve brings back Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard who has been missing for 30 years only to be found by the new Officer K (Ryan Gosling) who is a modern Blade Runner for the Los Angeles Police Department.

It is an all new cast with the exception of two characters returning from the first film.  We all know Harrison Ford is back but it has been confirmed that the character Gaff, the one who originally dragged Deckard back into blade running, will also make a showing.  Edward James Olmos, now 70 years old, makes a brief appearance and was happy to finally reveal this after being sworn to secrecy for so long.

With the same hopeless, dirty feel, the city is even worse off than when we saw it decades before and the awesome CGI seen in the trailers immerses us into it.  It is said that the world is on the brink of chaos after Gosling uncovers a horrific secret and this is the driving force in this movie.  With a ‘R’ rating, the movie did not lose any of the edge and is said to be more brutal and with more action than it predecessor.

“Replicants are the future of the species…” is said by Neander Wallace, the villain of the story played by Jared Leto.   Running the Wallace Corporations, Neander has the only source for producing all the genetic food that is feeding the city but it is hinted that he has darker intentions.  Although it is unknown what this secret entails, there are a few speculations.

“He’s constructing an army”, our hero is heard saying and it is fair to suspect that he is referring to Wallace.  The answers are thought to be with Decker and so the hunt is on leading to point where Officer K gets in a fight with Dave ‘Batista’ Bautista.  If you are a wrestling fan, this may be a highlight for you as we see a good old fashion rumble break out between him and Gosling in the trailer.

Despite Ridley Scott, the director of the original Blade Runner not holding this role with the new film,  he was still a very intricate part in getting the movie off the ground and remains an executive producer on the project.  He said that the big question of whether Rick Deckard is a replicant will finally be answered but this question was not so clearly answered  by the director.

“We are still exploring the themes of memories and empathy,” Villeneuve said. “That’s still part of the deeper tissue … of where the movie evolves in relation to what does it mean to be human.”

We unfortunately have to keep guessing for now but I suspect that this movie will be worth the wait.  There have been rumors and speculations that Blade Runner will have more sequels to follow but I am not going to concern myself past October 6th for now and hope that Blade Runner 2049 is as good as the first.

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