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Babes of Battlestar Galactica

October 23, 2016 - Sci-fi
Babes of Battlestar Galactica
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I know a lot of you may have clicked on this article to see the 2004 cast of Battlestar Galactica but I have to disappoint you because I am starting with my generation and bringing you back to the babes of 1978.

We will get the modern cast of one of the best sci-fi shows of all times in another article but right now, grab your disco ball and let’s begin!  Who do I start with?  Oh I remember having such a crush on Cassiopeia so I will start with:

 Laurette Spang-McCook:

No one can deny that Laurette added a little something to the show and graced us with her good looks for all 21 episodes from 1978 – 1979.

Battlestar Galactica Article







Who’s next?  My #2 favorite of course!

Maren Jensen:

Maren played Athena for the full life of the show and most definitely stole many hearts with this role as she did during her previous modeling career.

Maren Jensen Maren Jensen








Battlestar Galactica Anne Lockhart

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You forgot Jane Seymour, so I`ve added her.
The best in the series. Galactica 1980 doesn`t count in any way, ever.

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