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Always my Princess

December 30, 2016 - - Star Wars -, Sci-fi
Always my Princess
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by Robert Nicholls

I know this feeling was shared by many but I was shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Carrie Fisher. I am not really the type of person who cares about tabloid news or Hollywood gossip and rarely give a damn about the real lives of celebrities but somehow this affected me. Why was this? Carrie never came to visit me or called regardless of my childhood dreams so why did her death affect me like it did? – I know. Carrie is my Princess and has held her place in my heart since I first saw her on the big screen in 1977.
RIP Carrie Fisher

Of course I followed everything Star Wars back then and my affection for her grew the more exposure I had to her. I was not alone in my infatuation and Star Wars was just the beginning of our affection for her and by the time Return of the Jedi was released, me and the boys from many nations were a bit older and our love had grown so much… deeper.
Slave Leia
Yes Carrie Fisher is now and always will be my princess and I am saddened that she is no longer with us. I am very grateful that we will be able to see her one more time in the upcoming Star Wars but this is a bitter sweetness.

I was originally going to continue this article going through a history of Carrie’s life but I realized that the internet doesn’t need another source listing her achievements.
RIP Carrie FisherInstead, I want to use this platform to say my good-byes and share some of the awesome tributes made for her. I welcome you to leave your last respects in the comments and share your thoughts.

My favourite video that captures everything I want to say is not surprisingly from the official Star Wars channel. It is so nice to see her in all stages of her role as Princess Leia and how much she was loved by the cast.

I ended up watching so many tributes and videos about Carrie as they just helped work through this loss and I enjoyed seeing everyone from the Star Wars universe again. Mark Hamill made his own tribute through Disneyland experience along side Warwick Davis with a spot added in here from George Lucus.

Harrison Ford was pretty quiet in the media about the loss of Carrie but was recorded saying a few words at the Star Wars 40th celebration below along with her other co-workers. His relationship with her is revealed in Carrie’s latest book outlining some romantic times they shared when they were shooting the original Star Wars film.

I will share one more video that runs through celebrities tweeting their reactions to her death both from the cast from Star Wars and others who felt the loss.

Good-bye my Princess …

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